Welcome to ACM Hack

September 7, 2019

Hi! Welcome to ACM Hack's official website. Thank you for coming and appreciating the hard work it took to build it :)

We have lots of events every quarter, from weekly workshop series to one-off events, designed to let you apply your new skills and have fun. We welcome students of all interests, majors, and experience levels. If you're looking for a place to learn how to code, or meet a community of people that are also learning (and struggling), then you've come to the right place.

Check out the events tab to see our past events and what we're currently planning! Make sure to follow our Facebook page to get the most up to date information as well :)

To get a better idea of what we teach at our weekly workshops, check out the blog section, or our Github.

Get to know us through the about tab, and please say hi if you see any of our officers!

Feel free to message us on Facebook, or shoot us an email if you ever have any questions, comments, feedback, or memes. We're so excited to have you join our community \:D/

// C++
cout << "Love, Hack" << endl;
# Python
print("Love, Hack")
// Javascript
console.log("Love, Hack")
<!-- HTML -->
<div>Love, Hack</div>
// Java
System.out.println("Love, Hack");
😀 🔤Love, Hack🔤❗️