Who We Are

We are a group of hackers, designers, and engineers all working to improve UCLA's hacking community. We believe in moving fast, having fun, and being passionate about using technology to solve problems that are relevant to us. We have a high bar for success, and are willing to work incredibly hard, balancing school and many other things, to improve the experience of other students around us.
The Team

Nareh Agazaryan



Hey hey, I'm Nareh and I'm a 3rd year CS major from LA! Other than programming, I like gaming, playing bass, watching anime and rewatching Gilmore Girls, and spending way too much time on Discord. You can always find me losing sleep from procrastination.

Christina Tong



Hello, I'm Christina! I'm a 4th year CSE major with a minor in Math, and I really like hackathons and web dev! Aside from coding, I love hiking, all Tik Toks, making some vibey Spotify playlists, and drinking copious amounts of caffeine.

Einar Balan



Hey, I'm Einar and I'm a 3rd year CS major! When I'm not working on projects for school or ACM, you can find me working out, playing video games ( <3 botw), obsessing over avatar, or forcing myself to be an extrovert :)

Maggie Li



Hi! I'm Maggie, a 3rd year CS major, and I am passionate about connecting people through code :) Outside of Hack, I love to rewatch my favorite TV shows, find the best hidden gems on Yelp, play badminton, and make my friends matcha lattes.

Thomas McGall



Hi guys! My name is Thomas McGall and I am a 2nd year CS major. Other than programming I like hiking, eating brunch and watching movies. I love to explore whether it's the outdoors, new interests or new foods!

Jakob Reinwald



Hi, my name is Jakob and I'm a 3rd year CSE major! I've been in Hack for the last couple quarters. :) Aside from school, I really like playing basketball, watching the lakers, hiking, playing games, and most importantly, hanging out with my cats!

Chandra Suresh



Hello, I'm a 4th year CE major (a proud EE flake). In my spare time, I enjoy consuming all forms of media– from books and movies, to tv shows and anime SpongeBob. Some of my other hobbies include playing chess, losing at ping pong, and rock climbing.

Anakin Trotter



Greetings. I am a 2nd year Linguistics and Computer Science major with a passion for automation and full stack development. I enjoy playing piano and partying with friends. I also commonly take late night walks on the UCLA campus.

James Wu



Helloo! I'm James, a 2nd year mechanical engineering major (though looking to switch to CS), and I think coding is a really cool way to express creativity and have an impact! In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing badminton or basketball, or just hanging out with friends. :D

Alex Xia



Hi, I'm a 4th year CS major from Hong Kong. Aside from coding, I like to watch anime and play games – occasionally, I am baited into watching kdrama. When I am not doing these things, I am at the UCLA badminton club.

Eric Yang



What's up guys! My name is Eric, and I'm a 3rd year CS major. Outside of coding, I'm an avid Spikeball fan and love to dance. My goal in life is to try every boba place I come across.

Katelyn Yu



Hello! I'm Katelyn, and I'm a 3rd year CS major. My passions lie in making CS accessible to beginners and building strong and communities. Otherwise, I'm a self-proclaimed boba connoisseur who enjoys karate, reading, creative writing, falling down the YouTube rabbit hole, and staying up later than is probably wise :)

Nathan Zhang



Hey! I'm Nathan, and I'm a 2nd year Computer Science and Engineering major. In my free time, I like to lose hours in the day by the piano, execute clean drop shots on the badminton court, and explore LA for the best food the city has to offer.

Asha Kar



Hi, I'm Asha, and I'm a 4th year CS major with a minor in Bioinformatics! I love drinking lots of coffee, watching comedies, and writing scripts to eliminate tediousness. I also adore dogs (but especially my own!)


Hack wouldn't be what it is today without our awesome alumni! Even though these officers have graduated, they will always be part of the Hack family.


Rajeshwari Jadhav

Jody Lin

Eugene Lo

Sahen Rai

Miles Wu


Lea Blum

Connie Chen

Shirly Fang

Timothy Gu

Kristie Lim

Jamie Liu

Tim Rediehs

Galen Wong


Yvonne Chen

Jeanette Lin

Dustin Newman

Prateek Singh

Kevin Tan

Furn Techalertumpai


Dmitri Brereton

Char McGinn

Astrid Wang

Nathan Yang


Shashank Khanna

Breanna Nery

Shannon Phu

Kelvin Wong


Vic Yeh