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What is Hack?

We are a student-run organization whose mission is to empower the community by providing the means to build amazing things and explore what is possible through code. We teach quarterly workshops and host events for students to expand their knowledge and apply their creativity to projects. Our events are for coders of all skills levels, so whether you've been to 10 hackathons or you just learned "Hello World," we're happy to have you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We post all recordings of our workshops on the ACM YouTube channel, which can be found here!

We recommend attending some of our events or asking us questions in the ACM Hack Discord. Check out the events page for more information about the events we're holding this quarter. Everyone is welcome!

Check out the archive page, where we keep a record of all of our past workshops!

We start recruitment for internship positions every fall, following the ACM general meeting (which you should attend)! After a quarter of shadowing officers, interns may have the opportunity to become full-time officers. All of our current officers started as interns and we highly encourage you to look out for applications in the fall!

Send us an email at hack@uclaacm.com or message us through the ACM Hack Discord!