Hack offers workshops that focus on practical application, such as web development and mobile development. We also host fun one-time activities such as UCLA's biggest beginner-friendly Hackathon, Hack on the Hill. Regardless of background or experience, you can find an event that is just for you.


Want to create the next Twitter or Instagram? Stackschool is the place for you! This weekly workshop series will guide you through the necessary concepts and code to make your very own full-stack social media app! With each workshop only an hour long and recorded, our team will answer all of your questions as we learn the MERN tech stack. Hope to see you there!

Hack on the Hill X

Hack on the Hill (HOTH X), our annual, beginner-friendly hackathon, returns! With this year's theme of intersections, flex your galaxy brains as you explore unique solutions to interdisciplinary issues. With scrumptious food, workshops galore, skilled mentors, and fun prizes for the best hacks, we hope you're as x-cited as we are!

Can't wait to hack with us?

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StackSchool #3: Servers and APIs

Thursday at 6:30 PM · Haines Hall A2

StackSchool #4: Frontend Creation

02/09/2023 · Haines Hall A2

StackSchool #5: Backend Integration

02/16/2023 · Haines Hall A2

StackSchool #6: Prettifying the React App

02/23/2023 · Haines Hall A2

StackSchool #7: Project Finish

03/02/2023 · Haines Hall A2


StackSchool #2: Databases

Last Thursday at 6:30 PM · Haines Hall A2

StackSchool #1: Intro to Full Stack

01/19/2023 · Haines Hall A2