Hack offers workshops that focus on practical application, such as web development and mobile development. We also host fun one-time activities such as UCLA's biggest beginner-friendly Hackathon, Hack on the Hill. Regardless of background or experience, you can find an event that is just for you.


Come and learn how to develop your very own Chrome extension and Discord bot in our newest event HackCraft! This spring event consists of one-off workshops that will walk you through how to build a productivity Chrome extension or a music Discord bot that you can customize to your own liking.


This quarter, for our new iteration of this Python workshop series, we will be presenting two mini-workshops with project guides for 2 extremely useful Python Python topics: object detection with OpenCV and web scraping! One of our main goals is to make this event useful for people of all skill levels in Python, and for all students to come out of the event with their own fully implemented project!

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Stackschool #8: Project Showcase

03/07/2024 · Kaplan Hall 135

Hack On The Hill XI

03/03/2024 · Carnesale Commons, Palisades Room

Stackschool #7: External APIs

02/29/2024 · Kaplan Hall 135

Stackschool #6: User Auth (Part 2)

02/22/2024 · Kaplan Hall 135

Stackschool #5: Linking Frontend & User Auth (Part 1)

02/15/2024 · Kaplan Hall 135

Stackschool #4: Servers

02/08/2024 · Kaplan Hall 135

Stackschool #3: SQL

02/01/2024 · Kaplan Hall 135

Stackschool #2: Frontend

01/25/2024 · Kaplan Hall 135

Stackschool #1: Intro to Full Stack Mobile Dev

01/18/2024 · Kaplan Hall 135