Hack offers workshops that focus on practical application, such as web development and mobile development. We also host fun one-time activities such as UCLA's biggest beginner-friendly Hackathon, Hack on the Hill. Regardless of background or experience, you can find an event that is just for you.


Come out and learn how to make websites in our beginner-friendly Fall Hackschool series! We will be teaching the basics of web development with React.js, a popular framework of Javascript. No previous experience is necessary!

Passion Talks

Passion Talks is all about inspiring individuals to dig deeper into the world of tech through empowerment and guided exploration. This is a speaker series led by students who will share their passion for specific fields, topics, or technologies in the hopes of helping others navigate the vast world of tech to find their own passions.


After over a year of quarantine, we are all ready to meet people and make new friends. Hack Fam is all about forming those close connections with new friends. We will be pairing students into families, which will be led by a family head, so you can make lifelong memories and friends!

Can't wait to hack with us?

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Hackschool #3: Intro to React

Wednesday at 7:00 PM · Perloff 1102

Passion Talks #1

Thursday at 6:00 PM · Pauley Pavilion | Room M10A

Hackschool #4: Props and Layout

10/27/2021 · Perloff 1102

Hackschool #5: State

11/03/2021 · Perloff 1102

Hackschool #6: Async & Web API

11/10/2021 · Perloff 1102

Hackschool #7: Lifecycle

11/17/2021 · Perloff 1102


Hackschool #2: Intro to Javascript

Last Wednesday at 7:00 PM · Perloff 1102

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Hackschool #1: Intro to HTML/CSS

10/06/2021 · Perloff 1102

Hack Fall GM

09/29/2021 · Perloff 1102


09/27/2021 · Court of Sciences

Hack Fam Head Apps Due