Hack offers workshops that focus on practical application, such as web development and mobile development. We also host fun one-time activities such as UCLA's biggest beginner-friendly Hackathon, Hack on the Hill. Regardless of background or experience, you can find an event that is just for you.


Come out and learn how to make websites in our beginner-friendly Fall Hackschool series! We will be teaching the basics of web development with React.js, a popular framework of Javascript. No previous experience is necessary!

Hack Kitchen

Hack Kitchen is a beginner-friendly coding puzzle competition that encourages creativity in technology. Participants will be immersed in a full day of cooking-show themed puzzles, curveball surprises, and fan-favorite Gordon Ramsay references. Will you survive a dinner service from Hell's Kitchen, become the next MasterChef, or have your dish on the Chopping block?

Bruin Odyssey

Bruin Odyssey is a quarter-long puzzle challenge hosted by ACM Hack and ACM Cyber. Every week from week 3 to week 9, we will be releasing a small set of puzzles for participants to solve. You don't need a computer science background to participate - just have fun! So flex your problem solving skills! Learn a little more about computer science! Challenge your friends! There will even be prizes for the winners!

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Hack Kitchen

11/19/2022 · De Neve Plaza Rooms A and B

Hackschool #7: Project Showcase

11/16/2022 · Haines Hall A2

Hackschool #6: Lifecycle

11/10/2022 · Engineering 6 289

Hackschool #5: Handling State and Events

11/02/2022 · Haines Hall A2

Hackschool #4: JavaScript and Navigation

10/26/2022 · Haines Hall A2

Hackschool #3: Components and Props

10/19/2022 · Haines Hall A2

Hackschool #2: CSS and Layout

10/12/2022 · Haines Hall A2

Hackschool #1: Intro to React/HTML

10/05/2022 · Haines Hall A2

Hack Fall GM

09/28/2022 · Haines Hall A2


09/26/2022 · Ackerman Grand Ballroom