Hack offers workshops that focus on practical application, such as web development and mobile development. We also host fun one-time activities such as UCLA's biggest beginner-friendly Hackathon, Hack on the Hill. Regardless of background or experience, you can find an event that is just for you.


Atten-sun please! Are you ready to t-rain your cloud computing skills with another hack workshop that's going to blow you away? HackCloud is a workshop series designed to build a strong intuition for cloud computing fundamentals and best practices. Complementing the theory, each workshop will feature practical and thorough hands-on demos with AWS, so coming by every Thursday might just be the strat-us!


Ready to go bananas and learn programming tools that aren’t taught in university curricula? Introducing MiniHack: a one-day event filled with super fun minion-themed workshops and puzzles that covers topics including Git, shell, Vim, and LaTeX. Join us for a day of learning and fun as you tackle programming challenges and pick up valuable skills while Gru-ping up with fellow minions!

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HackCloud #6: Data Science

05/25/2023 · Engineering VI 289

HackCloud #5: Machine Learning

05/18/2023 · Engineering VI 289

HackCloud #4: DevOps and Cloud

05/11/2023 · Engineering VI 289

HackCloud #3: Serverless Computing

05/04/2023 · Engineering VI 289

HackCloud #2: VM Computing

04/27/2023 · Engineering VI 289

HackCloud #1: Intro and Storage

04/20/2023 · Engineering VI 289